Our Unique Bi-Directional Dense Medium Barrel


The centerpiece of ESR technology is a unique bi-directional dense medium barrel that is, undoubtedly, the most accurate dense medium separator on the market today. In this revolutionary sorting process, the suspension fines needed to change the density of water for all separations below a density of 1.6 are obtained nowhere else but from the ultra-fine inorganic metals and glass generated in abundance by hammer-mill shredding. Normally these fines simply report to landfill, but now they compete head-on with some of the finest suspension-creating materials on the market today. Paradoxically this shredder dust of absolutely no value whatsoever totally transformed the economics of recycling waste.

Extracting Metals from Waste


What happens when we take the logic of a large mineral separation facility and apply it to the recycling of automobile, industrial, electronic and municipal waste? Over 20 years ago, ESR International posed this question and got some fairly amazing answers. What was once considered waste, what once demanded a great deal of money to landfill, suddenly transforms itself into multiple streams of metals and plastics worth at times thousands of dollars per ton. When someone is able to extract, from materials destined for landfill, over 40 tons per hour of non-ferrous metals at an average value of over $1,000 per ton, then we begin to realize that in landfilling waste we are often throwing away some of the most valuable resources our planet has to offer.